Dave Detwiler – Man With The Horn

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Published In 2003

This is essentially a compilation that Mr. Detwiler produced as a present to all of his trumpet students circa 2003.  It mostly features him in live settings with one band or another and also features Army Blues recordings which appear elsewhere in Bob’s “Discography.”  Translation:  Bob is all over this album.  He’s also in the background of the cover photo and thanked in the liner notes.  Additionally, the compilation was mastered by Ed Smith from a series of rough CD’s and ancient cassettes which explains the sonic quality of some of the tunes.  There’s a great reading here of an unreleased Army Blues tune called “Well, You Needn’t.”  That’s worth the price of admission alone.  Detwiler is one of the best trumpeters around and this album is undeniable proof of that.  P.S.:  This is a long album.  Please be patient as it downloads.  It’s totally worth it!