This past Monday evening, we tried out a brand-new way of handling our engagement at Sommerset Retirement Community.  After consulting with our genial host, Carl Bess, we decided to skew the program heavily towards sing-a-longs with a little “open mic” to gauge the residents enjoyment.  The verdict?  They absolutely loved it!  It was, by far, the best time we’ve had there.  The residents sang all night long and a fantastic time was had by all.  The evening was punctuated by a few “open mic” performances that were enjoyable as well.  

As a result, it has been decided that all evenings going forward will follow this format.  Beginning at 7pm, we will feature far more sing-a-long sets with a few singing opportunities mixed in.  This has shown itself to maximize the enjoyment of the residents so this is clearly the way forward.  We thank you all for your cooperation as we look for the best way to entertain these wonderful people.