We get to hear some amazing music.  From time to time, we’ll take a few tunes and post them here for your enjoyment.
These will change semi-frequently so if you haven’t heard yourself here yet, don’t fret.  Your time is definitely coming!
P.S.:  These are not professional recordings.  They are done on an iPhone using its memo feature.  As such, please don’t expect perfect fidelity.

Kathy Farmer – “Java Jive”

How much fun is this?  Kathy did this one for our old friend, Don Burns and we all absolutely loved it!

Maureen Kerrigan – “Stormy Weather”

This was Maureen’s tribute to the legendary Lena Horne.  We’ve never heard a more beautiful and dramatic reading.

Saxophone Fred – “There Will Never Be Another You”

He came in at about the halfway mark and dazzled us with his great playing.  This is but one example of it.  He never runs out of things to say and he’s so much fun to listen to.

Toni Rae – “Just in Time”

This lovely lady has charisma and style for days and she imbues this tune with every bit she has.  Gorgeous reading!

Jason Barrett – “What’s New”

Jason nails this reading of the gorgeous Burke/Haggart tune.  His understated delivery suits the song perfectly!

Tony Compton – “The Rules of the Road”

This has been one of our favorites of his for a long time and it’s long overdue to be presented here.  Smooth tune from an even smoother vocalist.