If The World Were Like The Movies

By S. Flaherty & L. Ahrens

Strange as it may sound, movie stars are human
Relatively human after all
And it’s hard living up, to an image on the screen
That is forty or fifty feet tall

If the world were like the movies
We would never make mistakes
We’d correct our little blunders
And select our better takes

And the person that we should be
Would be all the public sees
For if life should go off track
We could simply fade to black
If the world were like the movies

Think if marriages were movies
How our lives would be improved
Love preserved on film forever
All the battle scenes removed

We’d have only happy endings
We could edit as we pleased
Cut to smiling man and wife
With a baby and a life
If the world were like the movies

And the child would have a father who was always there
Playing games and flying homemade kites
Cheering at her high school plays
Tucking her in bed on stormy nights.

Never absent, never cruel
Not a drunk, not a fool
A father who could give his daughter blue lights
Pink lights
Just like the movies

If the world were like the movies
I’d know how to play the part
I’d be there when I was needed
And I’d never break her heart

She would never see me stumble
And I’d never let her down
I’d be sober, wise, and humble
The defender of the crown

Well, thank God she has my movies to see
She is better off with movies
Than me