Non Dimenticar

By P. Redi, M. Galdieri, & S. Dobbins

Non Dimenticar,
Means don’t forget you are, my darling
don’t forget to be – all you mean to me

Non Dimenticar,
My love is like a star, my darling
Shining bright and clear
just because you’re here

please do not forget
that our lips have meant
and I’ve held you tightly

Was it dreams ago, my heart felt this glow?
Or only just tonight, dear?

Non Dimenticar,
although you travel far, my darling
it’s my heart you owe
so I’ll wait alone, Non Dimenticar…

Se ci separ, se ci allontan
L’ala del destino
Non ne ho colpa, no, e mi sentiro sempre a te vicino

Non dimenticar although you travel far, my darling
It’s my heart you own, so I’ll wait alone
Non dimenticar